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The Yacht Life Date

You Deserve It!

Take a fun filled slow stroll over the Potomac as you enjoy the newly improved District Waterfront! Take in all the views of the National Harbor, Old Town Alexandria, The NEW Wharf and the uptown jazziness of Georgetown all while sipping a glass of champagne with your friends and family! We offer 2 and 4 hour packages starting at $1750 for up to 10 guest. Contact us NOW to get your taste of the Yacht Life

It's safe to say that we have all had our fair share of "dinner and a movie", well here at RSRVD we are revitalizing date night. Now it's, "Date Night Done Right!" With our Ultimate Date Night Series you can expect the most exciting, fun and interactive date night concepts curated with the busy, working class professional in mind that still wants to go out and have a good time, even if they DONT know what to do outside the norm. Also the chance to meet and interact with other like minded couples from the area that are looking for a good time just like you and your date. Stay tuned for all the future date nights, you can thank us later!

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Your traditional brunch is "easy" and at this point it's boring! RSRVD introduces "Brunch Done Right, At Night!" Our Midnight Brunchin series is NOT a party instead it is an EXPERIENCE! Imagine a diverse crowd, amazing food, great music and entertainment and a priceless vibe that will be synonomys with each of our events. Just visualize a family reunion with several hundred cousins that you've never met but you'll love by then end of the night! Welcome to MidnightBrunchin'!!!