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-The Premier Lifestyle Management Firm For The Entire MidAtlantic Region-

RSRVD is the premier lifestyle management firm for the entire midatlantic region.

To simplify that, we are a concierge firm that specializes in private transportation. Everything from party bus's, private planes, yachts, sedans, helicopters, SUV's and more. We offer a wide range of services from personal chefs and private wine tastings, all the way to planning a date night or your next birthday party. Allow our staff to make your life a bit easier and much more pleasurable.

-"This Is How Life Should Be Enjoyed!"

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RSRVD Specialties

-Private Transportation-

Having a private driver to get you to and from meetinggs or to get you and your date to and from dinner and movie makes life some much more enjoyable! Life is too short to dfrive yourself!

-Perfect Date Night-

Stressing over reservations and planning what to do other than dinner and drinks? Leave that to us, let our consultants plan the perfect night out for you and your partner!

They are the best kept secret! My wife and I use them for us and all of our clients!

-Event Planning-

Doesn't matter if it's a birthday, anniversary, date night or even a retirment party, our consultants are ready to make your next event your most favorite!

-Private Chef and Catering-

It's one thing to go to your favorite restaraunt over and over but what about having a highend privte chef prepare your NEW favorite meal in the privacy of your own home!

-Helicopter Charter-

When car service just isn't enough and you don't really need to charter a jet this time around, our helicopter charters and tours are the perfect median!

I sleep a lot better at night knowing RSRVD is on my side to always make things easier!

-Yacht Chartering-

Your summer get together with your closests friends isn't really complete unless you all can relax on one of our private yachts while skipping accross the potomac or even the bay!

-Event Tickets-

Concerts, sporting events, stage plays, music festivals, etc... A "sold out" event is never really sold out when you have our firm on your side!